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  • Lunch on the beach in Sanremo

    A fragment of happiness directly on the sea of ​​Sanremo. Boca Beach is the restaurant for everyone, a place of joy and relaxation in contact with the beach, the sun and the scent of the sea. The right location to eat and experience an emotion.


  • Equipped beach in Sanremo

    The Boca Beach in Sanremo is the beach that everyone has been waiting for, a mix of innovation and tradition, a place that can be compared to the best beach clubs on the Côte d'Azur.


  • Drink on the beach: The 5 most requested cocktails

    Among the best cocktails to drink on the beach there are several classics in the panorama of mixology but also less known drinks. The common thread is freshness, drinks that are consumed with pleasure and give at least some relief from the heat of summer.


  • Ideas to amaze it: a romantic weekend at the sea in Liguria

    A wonderful region, enclosed between the sea and the mountains, full of atmosphere, colors and very characteristic scents, enriched by picturesque villages of extraordinary beauty. It is the ideal land to fully experience a romantic weekend.

    At the end of Liguria is the Riviera dei Fiori, on the road that leads to the Côte d'Azur. The best known and most important center is Sanremo.


  • Aperitif on the sea at Sanremo

    If you are wondering where to have a good aperitif with a sea view in Sanremo, here you will find the answer. An aperitif with a view at Boca Beach in Sanremo is always an excellent idea, with the arrival of the Golden Hour the breathtaking view will certainly not be missing.



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